RockTape Equine 2" Single Roll - Black

RockTape Equine 2" Single Roll - Black

Item# rocktape-equine-2quot-single-roll--blac2

Product Description

RockTape Equine is a powerful addition to the equine therapist's toolkit. Kinesiology tape works on horses the same way it does in humans. Some benefits include pain management, decreased swelling and/or edema, increased joint range of motion, normalized muscle tone, and maintainance of a higher level of functionality throughout the rehabilitation process. It may benefit in the following situations:

to accelerate recovery in stiff, sore or fatigued muscles to relieve pain related to muscle strains or tears to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by tendonitis, tendonopathy or desmitis to enhance and extend the benefits of acupuncture, myofascial release or body work to assist with rehabilitation, management and/or prevention of dysfunctional movement patterns RockTape Equestrian uses an extra strong adhesive, and will stick to horse hair without the need to clip or shave.

**This product is intended for ANIMALS ONLY - Not for use on humans**

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