Prodigy Pocket Meter Kit

Prodigy Pocket Meter Kit

Item# prodigy-pocket-meter-kit

Product Description

Prodigy Pocket Meter Kit

NDC# 08484-0503-02

Prodigy Diabetes Care's Prodigy Pocket Meter Kit includes the Prodigy Pocket Meter, One (1) 3 Volt CR 2032 Cell Battery, Complete Instructions and Carrying Case. The Prodigy Pocket is fast and accurate and does not require any coding, thus avoiding inaccurate test results as a result of coding errors. Only a small blood sample is needed and alternate site testing allows you to test using other parts of your body (forearms, palms, thighs, etc.) than just the finger tip, reducing the pain involved in using the same spot every time. A single button is used to navigate through the various features of the meter, making it extremely simple to use.

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