Cryoderm ReZume 60 Tablets 1125mg

Cryoderm ReZume 60 Tablets 1125mg

Item# cryoderm-rezume-60-tablets-601125

Product Description

ReZume’s proprietary combination of herbal extracts creates a natural anti-inflammatory action so powerful that just two caplets can bring about pain relief within 30 minutes. ReZume was developed to work in concert with CryoDerm® topical analgesic in a multi-modality approach that is the first of its kind. ReZume works to systemically reduce the body's inflammatory and pain response, reinforcing the topical actions of CryoDerm.


White Willow Bark Extract Andrographics Paniculata Extract (ParActin®) Tumeric Root MSM Yucca Root ILEX Paraguarineses (Yerba Mate Leaf) Boswellia Devil's Claw Root Extract Ulva Lactuca Naringin Hyaluronic Acid

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